Miranda Ash

Independent Celebrant


Your Day, Your Way!

Ceremonies for all your special events


Today more and more people are striving to honour and celebrate life’s special moments with a celebrant-led ceremony. Crafted especially for you to reflect your personal beliefs and your story. With a celebrant-led ceremony the sky’s the limit - anytime, any place, anywhere…without restrictions!

I’m an independent celebrant and a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and I’ll be your guide through every aspect of your ceremony be it a wedding, renewal of vows, naming or perhaps something a little different. I’m equally at home helping plan a traditional ceremony or one that is a tad bit quirky, but 100% represents who you are!

I offer a safe space for everyone, whatever your gender, orientation, religion, ethnicity, or anything else that is a part of your identity. You don’t need to ask if I do same-sex weddings. I do ALL weddings and would LOVE to do yours!

Whether you have one question or more please do get in touch. I’m always happy to talk!