The element of surprise!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to have fun and can be a little cheeky. I’ve also been known to pull a prank or two. I love the look of surprise on folks faces! Ahem….don’t worry….I’m not going to prank your wedding…it’s been years! But, I love to work with couples who want to inject a little fun and laughter…and that all important element of surprise into their day in a way that brings more joy to the event…rather than stress!

With that in mind, I loved this video of a First Look prank at a wedding in the USA. It was a little bit of harmless fun which delighted everyone involved! And of course the video went viral!

Thinking of getting married? How will you inject an element of surprise into your special day? I’ve got a wealth of ideas to share so get in touch if I can be of service!