The Proposal of your Dreams!

I recently had a call from a ‘groom to be’ looking for a little help to propose to his girlfriend. His idea (can’t say what until after it happens!) was full of love, surprise, emotion, romance and fun…all the elements that make up an amazing proposal!

I think there are those of us (me included!) who hope for the fairytale proposal one day. But for some the fairytale proposal never comes….perhaps the fairytale comes later!

Bit of a disclaimer – although I’ve been married (twice!), I’ve never been proposed to before…well not with the elements described above! My first husband proposed via email from halfway across the world – time and space was against us at the time!

When I got remarried some years later, my now husband decided to mention getting married in passing while we were sitting in traffic on the way home from work. He asked…’When we are away next month shall we go ring shopping?’ To which I asked, ‘Is that a proposal?!’ YES!

Believe me, both of them have never been able to live it down and I occasionally tease them about it hoping that one day that fairytale proposal will come!

For now, I live vicariously through some of these super imaginative, fun and romantic proposals that melt even the hardest of hearts! Looking for some proposal inspiration? I hope these help inspire and delight!