How to include your loved ones in your ceremony


Gone are the days when the extent of loved ones involvement in a wedding ceremony came when the father of the bride was essentially asked if he was happy to give his daughter away. Over the centuries wedding ceremonies have evolved and although some still choose to be given away – it does not form the central part of the ceremony.

Nowadays, many recognise that getting married is more of a communal blessing from everyone present. Many couples choose to get married later in their lives perhaps after living together or having had some life experience outside of their parents home. So they will usually have a network of friends and family who have supported them along the way and which they wish to honour and recognise on their wedding day. There are numerous ways to involve your loved ones in your ceremony.

Gemma and James asked all their guests to shine their individual light at their wedding ceremony. As each guest arrived they were asked to place a candle at an altar which formed the backdrop for a truly romantic ceremony. Gemma and James completed the altar as the ceremony began and it set the scene for a truly stunning and meaningful day.

Why not have all your guests voice their support for you through a communal vow?! Including a vow like this in your ceremony is a really beautiful and touching way to include your nearest and dearest. They will feel so honoured and so grateful to be given the opportunity to show their support of you. A modern blessing for a modern wedding!

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Or you could incorporate a Ring Warming into your ceremony which gives every guest the opportunity to hold and bless your rings before they are shared. Some couples choose to invite guests to do this as they enter the ceremony space. Others attach the rings to a thread or ribbon and then they are passed around the guests.

These are just a few ways to ensure that everyone feels a part of your special moment and show their support for you as a couple. There are a limitless number of ways though – the only limit is your imagination!