Symbolic Saturday – Pebbles

Pebbles from Karen + Myles Wedding

Pebbles from Karen + Myles Wedding

Continuing our Symbolic Saturday series, here are some ideas on how to incorporate pebbles or stones into your wedding ceremony.

Pebbles or stones represent a sense of permanence, strength and foundation – quite literally being a ‘rock’ to each other!!

There are numerous ways to orchestrate the use of pebbles/stones in your ceremony. For example, stones or pebbles could be handed to the wedding guests as they arrive at the ceremony. During the wedding ceremony the guest hold these stones and make a loving wish for the couple’s life and future together. Each stone represents a special wish that the couple can take with them to reflect on during their married life together.

A good idea is to ask your wedding guests to write their name and a word signifying their wish on the stone, such as love, happiness, health, strength, wealth, success, family, luck, friendship, patience etc.

The stones are then collected during the wedding ceremony and placed in a jar as a memento. Or you could use them in your garden to create a lasting feature that will remind you of your wedding day.