Bye bye 2019! Bring on 2020!


The end of 2019 marks the end of not only another year of ceremonies but the end of the decade. As I look back it’s been quite a 10 years in our lives. Back in 2010 I was preparing to leave my 9-5 job fundraising for an arts and health charity to take up a new position with a start up doing ground breaking work to build high growth workplaces using the principles of freedom and organisational democracy (something I still do today). I was also directing a local arts and mental health charity working alongside some of the dearest people who are striving to overcome their demons using art and creativity.

Over the last decade, Mr Ash has joined me in travelling the world – all over the USA, Canada and Europe as well as Malaysia and numerous trips to Mexico where we lived for 14 months…and where we are today as I write this blog (visiting friends for the holidays!).


2011 was a watershed year in our lives. In the space of 18 months we said goodbye to both our mothers, a grandmother, several cousins and friends. It was devastating and I knew I had to get help to grow and rediscover life anew.

In the midst of this time I realised that I had to find a creative outlet that would bring joy and love to the lives of others and myself while helping to heal my wounded heart. Our of the blue, a dear friend approached me an asked me to officiate her wedding (thanks Lisa and Martin!). I had never heard of celebrants until then. Falling into this work was a surprise and came naturally. I’ve loved just about every minute of this work which is never a chore…just pure joy!

Equal marriage for all has always been important for me so I waited to launch my business until equal marriage became legal. One of the sweetest and most emotional ceremonies I have presided over to date was for two charming gentlemen who had waited nearly 40 years to get married. They took care of the legal aspects at their local registrars office before holding an intimate ceremony in the presence of 20 of their dearest friends, family and godchildren in their living room. It was warm, sweet, emotional and full of love.

Over the years I’ve performed ceremonies all over the UK, France, and Mexico. On beaches, in chateaus, stately homes, barns, woodland, fields, gardens and many more. Each ceremony is unique and each is specifically designed to reflect who you are. I don’t just do weddings either! I’ve done vow renewals, namings, adoptions, coming of age, commitments, celebrations of life and many more.

Ritual has formed a part of our lives since the beginning of time. While there are the more ‘traditional’ rites of passage marking birth, marriage and death. There are limitless possibilities of ways to honour the special events in our lives. The sky is the limit!


As I look forward to a new decade, I’m excited about what the future holds. Juggling both my celebrant business and work as a transformational coach for business leaders keeps me on my toes. We’re exploring the possibility of moving house…not far…just a little bit more manageable. I’m looking forward to some fabulous ceremonies in 2020 and even have bookings for 2021 and 2222 in the works too!

To all of those who put their trust in me over the last few years as your celebrant – thank you! And to those yet to come – I’m thrilled to be supporting you on your journey! Bring on 2020!

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