Symbolic Saturday – Sand Ceremony

A Sand Ceremony involving the whole family!

A Sand Ceremony involving the whole family!

It’s time for another Symbolic Saturday post!

The Sand Ceremony is known all over the world for its beauty and sanctity. It can be an easy alternative to the Unity Candle, especially if the wedding is held outdoors and candles may not stay lit or the venue does not allow naked flames.

Using different coloured sands, each partner takes turns filling a Unity Vase. The sand colours can be coordinated with your home décor, chosen based on colours you love or for any other special reason that is meaningful to you. Some music, a reading or specially prepared words can be shared by your celebrant or guests during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the vase is taken home for you to keep.

This ceremony is also a great one to involve children in as a way to symbolise the blending of families. Last year I conducted a ceremony for a couple who wanted to make sure that their daughter (from a previous relationship) understood that nothing about her relationship with her father would change and in fact his new marriage was a way to strengthen their family and the love they share. It was a truly beautiful part of their wedding and the feedback from guests afterwards was heartwarming because most had never been to a wedding which so naturally incorporated family members as well as the couple.