Supplier Shout Out! Cakes Galore at The Crumby Bakery!

I’m a true believer in supporting local business. And the more we support each other, the more we create an inclusive and thriving community. Over the coming months I’m going to highlight the services of local businesses who offer services to support celebrating the special events in your life – whether it’s a wedding, birthday, naming or more! I’m taking time to personally reach out and get to know each so that I can share a little of their craft with you here. 


No special event is complete without a fabulous cake. What I love about cakes is the amount of imagination that goes into each creation. It seems like there is no limit to creativity in this medium! Cakes are a true feast for all the senses! And speaking of senses, my first introduction to The Crumby Bakery was through our local cafe – Natter – who serve their creations. The lemon cake is a family favourite!

I recently popped in to see Charlotte, Molly and Clare – the dream team behind The Crumby Bakery at their gorgeous studio in Hambledon…like I need an excuse to go and have coffee and cake! Founded in 2013 the business has fast become well known in the local area. They supply cakes to cafes and shops but also make a plethora of cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more and can deliver up to a 20 mile radius. 

What stuck me about the lovely Crumby ladies is how they pour their heart and soul in to each and every creation. On the morning I visited, Clare was diligently working on a cake featuring a model of Elton John and another of Elvis – for a big birthday cake. The level of detail on the models was incredible! Charlotte was making a rainbow cake for another birthday and Molly was making a drip cake complete with delicious chocolate chards. 

Elvis and Elton on one cake!

Elvis and Elton on one cake!

So often with cakes they may look amazing but the taste is off. Not so with Crumby cakes. They taste just as delicious as they look each and every time. They are also able to accommodate special requests for gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan cakes. Being foodies, the team aren’t afraid to experiment with new flavours. A popular taste trend continues to be salted caramel as well as gin and blackberry, carrot and zesty flavours. Often cakes will follow the trends of the time. For example, after Harry and Meghan’s elderflower wedding cake last year….there were lots of requests for the same!  

In terms of decoration trends, naked and semi-naked cakes continue to be a favourite for weddings and many couples will augment their big cake with cupcakes of different flavours. Typically customers trawl Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration before calling Crumby wit their ideas. For the team this is great because it means that they’re always checking out new trends, and always learning. Just looking at the dazzling arrange of unique cakes they’ve made it’s easy to see why these ladies never sit still

I asked each what their favourite cakes were. Charlotte said she loves working on the big novelty cakes where you can let your imagination run wild. For Molly, experimenting with new flavours to keep ahead of the curve is important. Clare’s passion for graphics and new decoration techniques shone through. 

It may also interest you to know that the team offer courses in their studio on Saturdays where you can come along and learn how to make cupcakes and decorations. Insider tip….book early as the classes get booked up fast! 

I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of the team whether at local foodie fairs or a wedding or two. The Crumby Bakery is going from strength to strength! 

So if you’re looking for a cake – who are you going to call? The Crumby Bakery!