Symbolic Saturday – Love Letters

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Last year I performed a ceremony for a couple who had had a long distance relationship for several years before moving across the world to be together and then eloping – with my help! Their shared love of literature and writing had been central to their love story. Rather than modern day texting or email, this intensely private couple often took the time to handwrite (or type on vintage typewriters) love letters to each other. I was so inspired by this that I wrote their entire ceremony around their love letters.

They very generously shared many of their love letters with me which gave me an intimate glimpse into their love. I felt enormously privileged to be given a window into their private communications. There was something so rich and timeless about taking the time to write to each other. It harked back to the pre-technology age and an age when the pace of life seemed slower and we took more time to notice and appreciate each other. We could all learn so much from taking a leaf out of their book.

As their families were not with them on their wedding day, I arranged a surprise and wove a love letter from their parents into the ceremony. And their vows were given in the form love letters to each other which were then placed into a beautiful oak box full of their letters. Each year on their wedding anniversary they plan on taking time to open the box and revisit the letters that tell their story.

I LOVE love love this sort of creativity in planning a ceremony. This symbolic ceremony was so personal to the couple and shows just what you can do when you have the freedom to craft a personal ceremony that truly celebrates the uniqueness of you!