Who says you have to wear a dress?!

Often couples ask for my support with aspects of their wedding that go beyond the ceremony such as how to handle tricky family situations or aspects of etiquette. Recently one of my couples approached me for some advice on how to choose their wedding outfits.

For the bride, the sight of a rack of wedding dresses makes her physically recoil with horror. She has not worn a dress since childhood. Yet, as the wedding approaches, family members have been pressurising this dear soul to wear a dress. The expectation of having to wear – in her words – ‘a frumpy meringue’ – on her big day is causing a great deal of stress. (BTW, not all wedding dresses are frumpy meringues!).

We spent a little time discussing how to manage family expectations and stand up for what she wants. On the biggest day of your life it’s important to feel comfortable. The last thing you want to be doing is wrestling with an outfit you really don’t want to wear. Who says you have to wear a dress on your wedding day? I say, wear what feels most comfortable for you. Screw tradition!


Queue the Vicar of Dibley finale….where Dawn French ended up getting married in her pyjamas! Well maybe that’s a little too far for you! Today there are so many alternatives to a traditional wedding dress. From jumpsuits to tailored suits, or themed outfits – there are some fantastic alternatives! Or if you fancy wearing a dress that is more ‘alternative’ here are a few more ideas. While the majority of brides whose weddings I’ve attended have worn a dress, one of my friends had a fabulous top hat and tails suit made while another wore a gorgeous red sari!