Weather planning

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I’ve just returned to the UK after 5 weeks in SW France where we have a family home. I also had several wedding’s and vow renewal ceremonies booked in the area. One of the aspects that I always discuss with couples having an outdoor wedding is weather planning. Up until recently this has always been wet weather planning. However, for the first, time this Summer we’ve had to do some last minute heatwave planning too.

My first wedding in July was on an extremely hot day. Temperatures of 40C + were predicted. My make up slid off as soon as I put it on! We discussed moving the ceremony start time to early evening to avoid the height of the day. However this would mess with the caterer’s timing so the ceremony went ahead at 3pm. We moved the location to the shadiest part of the Manoir gardens and gave every guest a bottle of water and a fan on arrival. The ceremony went off without a hitch even through everyone was melting! I heard that the reception later turned into an impromptu pool party as everyone cooled off in the water!

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This weekend we’re experiencing rain and high winds and although I’m taking a rare day off, I’ve heard from industry colleagues that extra tent pegs and ropes have been installed to keep marquees and tents pinned down as much as possible. Fingers crossed…so far, so good!

Regardless of what time of year you’re planning to have your event, if any part of it involves being outdoors, I encourage you to think about weather alternatives. Planning makes perfect and ensures that your day goes without a hitch!