Wedding trends

It’s been a full Summer of weddings, namings and renewals of vows both in the UK and France! Here are a couple of observations from this Summer of Love!

Increasingly I’m finding that couples and families prefer to keep their ceremonies private and request that no details and photos are posted to social media or online. I have to respect the desire for privacy on the most special of days. Back in June I attended a registrar-led wedding where the registrar expressly requested that no photos were posted online for at least 24 hours. I liked this touch which invited everyone to be a part of the sense of intimacy that the couple wanted for their big day. That’s also why I haven’t been posting as much during this busy season. That said, the next few ceremonies on my calendar are all looking forward to my writing about their big day on this blog!

Another trend this year has been an increase in mid week ceremonies. More than half of my ceremonies this year are mid week. Weddings in the middle of the week tend to be cheaper as venues and caterers offer discounts in order to fill their diaries.

Take Carrie and Ben who were married just this past Wednesday. The registrar did their simple ceremony in the morning followed by their celebrant-led wedding with me in the afternoon. Carrie is a teacher so a wedding during the Summer holidays was the best option. Look out for more on their big day soon.

And lastly a colour trend. The majority of weddings this Summer have involved a blush colour palette. I’ve loved seeing all the varied ways couples have incorporated blush pink and peach colours into their theme!

I’ll be writing much more over the coming weeks so keep checking back for more! Next stop…Weddings + Wellies Wedding Extravaganza in Tilford next weekend!