Monday Musings – Is it time to elope?

2020 – what a year!

The last 6 months have forced every one of us to rethink all sorts of plans, including weddings. After all the heartache and stress of having to postpone their wedding, I know many couples are rethinking their plans and potentially celebrating their marriage in very different ways.

Recently one such couple approached me about eloping. They have already taken care of the legal aspects of registering their marriage. They’ve had enough of the stress and uncertainty and are so eager to celebrate their marriage as soon as possible.

So what is an elopement wedding? 

An elopement wedding is when the two of you (perhaps with a handful of friends/family) run away and celebrate your marriage in private. Films often portray elopements as a spur of the moment thing but actually most are well planned! Here are four elements to consider when planning your stress-free elopement.

Your venue

Elopement weddings can take anywhere you want whether it’s that little chapel in Las Vegas or more. Elopements can happen outdoors, by lakes, up mountains, in parks, your garden, a friend or family member’s property, on a boat, underwater, on the Orient Express, at the beach or a historic castle, …the sky is quite literally the limit! Often this means that you don’t have to handle dealing with venues or deposits! 

Who to take with you

Of course you’ll need your celebrant (yours truly ;)) to preside over your ceremony! You may also want to consider recording the event and investing in a good photographer/videographer. Some couples may take one or two friends or family to witness the ceremony.

You’re in the driving seat!

Eloping means that you are in the driving seat and have control of what happens – without drama and trying to please everyone. You can wear what you want, where you want, when you want! How marvellous! 

Your Budget

The most hair-raising part of weddings is usually the budget! When you add up all the traditional elements such as the venue, food, flowers, outfits, decorations, stationary etc, the costs can be quite staggering. With an elopement you can drastically reduce your spending …or put it towards an incredible honeymoon! 

Most of all, an elopement wedding is all about you and the love you share. Nothing is more important than LOVE! 

Elopements aren’t for everyone but they do offer couples a beautiful stress-free alternative – especially while weddings guest numbers have to be drastically reduced for the time being. 

I do weddings – and that includes elopements. So if you’re thinking about what to do – give me a call. I’d love to chat through your ideas and support you as you plan your wedding celebration – big or small.

So throw the wedding rule book out and chart your own path towards celebrating love!

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