Wedding Planning 101 – Your Ceremony Music


Your choice of wedding ceremony music helps set the tone for the rest of your celebration – be it traditional, emotional, or upbeat and humourous!

Many couples choose to have live music while others prefer something recorded. These days the improved quality of sound systems makes recorded music an increasingly viable option.

Sometimes couples select music that is evocative of a special memory, or the same music that was paid played at a parents wedding. Anj walked down the aisle to a rendition of Christina Perry ‘A Thousand Years’ played by a beautiful string quartet. This was a complete surprise to her groom, Pete who was touched by the choice!

On the other hand, Gillian and Peter walked down the aisle to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’, played by the absolutely fabulous Cosmic Sausages! They were so many laughs and cheers amongst the 300+ guests – many of whom were comedians and actors – and it’s set the tone for what was to be a very very funny wedding day! It certainly made for one of my favourite ceremonies and very much reflected this fun loving and unique couple.

Sarah and Sion asked their great friend, and Britain’s Got Talent Finalist, Andrew Derbyshire, to serenade them for their wedding at home. Andrew’s voice carried across the Cornish valley and set the tone for a fantastic day together.

Wedfest style weddings often involve multiple music moments! When Kevan and Laura celebrated their woodland ceremony, a small band of friends serenaded them up and down the aisle followed by multiple bands playing in the adjacent fields throughout their Wedfest day!

When we lived in Mexico, we crashed a wedding (yes, I crashed a wedding and I liked it!!!). Following the formal church ceremony, the couple exited the building and were met by a donkey, a band and large puppets. Together with their guests they processed around the town dancing and drinking tequila to the sound of an incredible Mariachi band. This a very much a Mexican wedding tradition to breathe life and laughter into the celebration after the formalities.

Music creates a sense of intimacy too. One of the first weddings I did was held at a couple’s home on a cold November day. The wedding ceremony took place by the huge fireplace in their living room surrounded by a small gathering of family and friends. One of their godchildren played a beautiful selection of classical music on a grand piano which took my breath away. It was as if the world stopped for a moment. Every part of the wedding ceremony meaningful for the couple – including the music

Why not involve your guests in a musical moment and have them participate in some way! When fun-loving Garry and Jackie married on Bournemouth Beach, Jackie enlisted the help of her Bride Squad to line the aisle and shake tambourines as she practically danced down the aisle to “I Will Follow Him” from Sister Act. It was fabulous!!

I admit I have many wedding music fantasies! This includes having a gospel choir, doing a Flash Mob, having a fabulous drag queen grace us with her musical presence, and ‘that scene’ from the Love Actually wedding! By the way…those aren’t all in the same wedding!!

These days, anything goes! So have fun, and choose music that totally reflects who you both are and what you want guests to get out of your celebration!

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