Wedding Planning 101 – Your Wedding Venue


Today we’re going to dive into thinking about where to host your wedding!


Yesterday we looked at the first few things to consider as you start to plan your wedding. This included the style you are looking for, the season when you want to have your wedding, numbers of guests, and the all-important budget! 

If you have a wedding date in mind that’s super helpful too so you can make a venue booking sooner rather than later. 

These elements are all critically important as you begin your next step – looking for your wedding venue. There are lots of places where you can begin to look for potential wedding venues. It’s important to consider whether you are looking for a venue where you can have both your ceremony and your celebration, or if you are planning on holding your ceremony in a separate location then you may be looking for two venues! Typically though most couples-especially those who are having a Celebrant led wedding ceremony-look for one venue for the whole day.

There are plenty of venue finding websites where you plot in a few details such as desired location, budget, number of guests, whether you are having both the ceremony and celebration in the same place etc and then it will give you a list of potential venues to reach out to. Not all venues use these venue finding websites and good old Google will be helpful too. 

Places to consider include:

  • Village Halls

  • Pubs + Restaurants

  • Boats!

  • Museums + Galleries

  • Barns, Fields + Farms

  • Hotels

  • Stately Homes, Chateau’s, Castles + Historic Venues

  • Schools

  • Beaches

  • Theatres

  • Parks + Gardens

I would also recommend talking with friends and family who have recently married because they are bound to have gone through the same process and seen one or two places. 

And all wedding suppliers that interact with venues will know the look and feel of where they supply their services. I certainly have a few favourites!

Once you have taken a look at venues online, draw up a shortlist of the ones you want to visit. 

Of course, you may be planning on having your wedding at home! Fantastic! What a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding in a place that is dear to you.

The next step is to reach out to your shortlist of venues, and arrange a time to go and see the venues. In the current circumstances many venues are offering virtual tours and live walk-throughs where you’re literally on FaceTime with the venue manager as they walk through the venue with you. 

Some things to consider as you think about the next steps with your planning:

  • Are there separate spaces for the ceremony and celebration?

  • Does the venue include tables/chairs etc or will you have to hire?

  • Do you have to use one of their own recommended catering services or can you bring in a different supplier? Do the venue charge corkage?

  • What is the time limit-when do you have to be out of the venue and clear up?

  • If the venue is outdoors what are the wet weather alternatives? 

All of these questions are important because there may be extra costs associated with some of these details

I think it’s important to go to any venue walk-through with an idea of your questions. Do make sure that you write down a list of questions in advance so you are prepared! 

I’m sure there are a few bits and pieces that I have forgotten in these posts but these initial ideas are designed to get you started! Remember I’m not a wedding planner! As a celebrant these are the elements that you need to have considered as we begin to collaborate.

Tomorrow will begin to look at what your wedding ceremony could look like! Exciting times!

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