Turning the Tables – Answering my own Couple’s Quiz!


Part of the process of beginning to get to know a couple and prepare to write their wedding ceremony involves having each person complete my Couple’s Quiz! I ask them to complete it on their own without sharing their answers because I may use some of their responses as a surprise for them on their wedding day – which never fails to be funny!

Recently, one of my summer grooms challenged me to complete my own quiz!!

Challenge accepted – well mostly – we’d be here forever if I answered the whole thing!!

How did you first meet?

I met Mr Ash (aka Matthew/Matt) at work 20 years ago. I was organising a team away day so that various teams from across the country could meet in person for the first time. The first time we met was at the Away Day which took place at a bowling alley. I actually don’t remember too much about it because I was running around organising everything.

Fast forward a few weeks and we bumped into each other at a few team socials and at some point we were seen kissing on the dance floor of an awful nightclub in Guildford! That seems like so long ago now!

At what point did you realise you were in love?!

Matt will tell you he knew immediately. When we met I had been divorced for a year and frankly wasn’t interested in being in a relationship again! But he was patient. Friendship grew into love over the course of time. I knew I loved him when I realised that I could completely trust him with my heart and soul.

He also makes me laugh out loud all the time and that’s something I absolutely adore about him!

When and how did you get engaged? Who proposed to who?

Sorry Matt – has to be told. He’ll hate me for this!

We were planning on going to Venice to celebrate my 30th birthday. A few days before we left, we were driving home from work one evening and stuck in traffic. Suddenly in the middle of traffic on the A3, Matt said “Shall we go ring shopping while we’re in Venice?” I asked him if that was a proposal to which he said it was – he was serious!!  

You see, his Dad never really formally proposed to his Mum either, so I guess Matt thought that that’s how to propose!  

While he never got down on one knee, I can say our proposal story was unique!  

What inspires you about your partner?

His ability to do silly impressions and make me laugh. His encyclopedic knowledge of Monty Python. His steadfastness, dependability and quiet sense of calm. He’s the yin to my yang – the introvert to my extrovert!  

Matt’s love for his family has always inspired me. I watched as he diligently and gently cared for his parents in their final years, supported his sister, nieces and nephew as they’ve hopped around the world for work over the years and enjoyed many happy holidays with another sister and family in North Wales.

He really is the kindest person I know by a long way!

If your partner was a Super Hero, who would they be and why?!

Superman because he’s strong and steadfast and always ready to save the day!

What do you most like about your lives together?

We love the quiet moments at home as well as the fun moments with family and friends – and we hope there will be more of those moments as we ease out of lockdown!

We love to travel and enjoy time on the road together. We lived in Mexico for 14 months a few years ago and also enjoy lots of time at our family home in SW France.

I love to cook and he loves to clean up!

I will say that it’s been great having time at home together during lockdown although I think we are ready for a change now. Last week Matt said “I love you, but I’m so ready to get back to the office!”

Does your partner have any annoying habits that annoy you or make you laugh?!

Farting and burping!

Favourite films, music, books, TV, hobbies/interests, food/drink etc. that you like to share together.

We love most food! The hotter the better for Mr Ash! We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I can’t wait to cook in it!  

Too many films to name but we’re both British Comedy and Monty Python fans as well as Marvel films, Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR and so much more.

All sorts of music tastes – and we love live music, theatre and comedy.  

Travel is something we love too – although there hasn’t been any lately! We can’t wait until we can travel again!

Well that’s about all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed a little foray into life with Mr Ash. After 16 years of marriage we’ve learnt a thing or two!