Your Wedding Ceremony – Traditional or Non-Traditional?

Paul Gapper Photography

Paul Gapper Photography

Who says you have to follow a prescribed ceremony format?

Often couples come to me thinking that they only have one option to follow when it comes to the format of their ceremony – a format that has been repeated millions of times over around the world for centuries!

Don’t get me wrong – I love doing traditional ceremonies just as much as I do those that are a little ‘different!’

However, most people aren’t aware that you can do anything you want to honour and celebrate your relationship.

But what do you do when you have so much freedom of choice?

It’s time for some imagination and creativity!

The beauty of working with a celebrant is that we will bring that imagination to your ceremony and hopefully surprise and delight both you and your guests!

With a background in Stage Management and Events Management, I’m equally at home orchestrating a big theatrical number or something more intimate.

And I bring a wealth of ideas to the table. More than just a few readings, some music and a love story – a celebrant-led wedding is your opportunity to honour your union in the way that is most meaningful to you.

Not only will your celebrant take care of the content of your ceremony but we can also advise on the setting, how you want you and your guests to be seated (or standing!), your entrance and exit, music, poetry, rituals and symbolic elements as well as supporting all those involved in your ceremony!

It is rather like directing a show but the difference is it’s your show and whatever you want goes!

For example, this Summer I’m doing a wedding on a yacht in the Solent!

Due to the setting, guests will stand wherever they feel most comfortable.

This non-traditional couple will arrive together. How they arrive will be revealed afterwards as it’s a surprise for the day!

Rather than exchange rings, they will be tying the knot…literally…with a nautical style Handfasting ceremony followed by putting their vows in a bottle which will be sealed and tossed off the boat! Hopefully it will wash up on a beach and whoever finds it will let my couple know!

A fun and informal ceremony is so fitting for these wanderlusts!

How do you want to orchestrate your ceremony? Something traditional or something more ‘outside of the box?’