Venue Revolution: How Celebrant Ceremonies Are Disrupting the Wedding Industry!


Venue owners, managers, and wedding co-ordinators are always on the lookout for ways to make your venue stand out and provide couples with truly unique and unforgettable wedding experiences. However, all too often I find that venues are ill equipped to present couples and families with a range of choices when it comes to planning ceremonies

A Celebrant will elevate your venue and also offer couples the freedom to create ceremonies that reflect their love story, including the incorporation of elements of faith.

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For Wedding Venues, Planners + Suppliers!

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Wedding venue staff, planners and suppliers often tell me that they struggle to talk about celebrant ceremonies to prospective couples…so this video is just for you. I lift the lid on the difference between the various ceremony choices and explain why Celebrant ceremonies are the best choice ;)! Photo by Jonny MP Photography

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Fabulous Friends – The Terrace – Florist

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I always look forward to walking into a venue on the day of the wedding and it never fails to take my breath away. Every couple puts their own stamp on their day and one of the real joys of my job is revelling in how florists and caters have transformed a blank space into something stunning.

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Venue Review: Millbridge Court, Frensham, Surrey.

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All photos by Sarah Legge Photography Nestled in the heart of the Surrey countryside, Millbridge Court in Frensham is a home away from home on your wedding day. This uber chic country home offers a luxurious experience to all who walk through it’s doors..  My family lived in the village nearly 40 years ago and…

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Supplier Shout Out! Cakes Galore at The Crumby Bakery!


I’m a true believer in supporting local business. And the more we support each other, the more we create an inclusive and thriving community. Over the coming months I’m going to highlight the services of local businesses who offer services to support celebrating the special events in your life – whether it’s a wedding, birthday,…

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