Real Wedding: Chloe and Jack’s Beautiful November Celebrant Ceremony

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Real Wedding: Chloe and Jack's Beautiful November Celebrant Ceremony 2

Chloe and Jack’s beautiful November wedding at High Billinghurst Farm is proof that time is no inhibitor when you are ready to celebrate your marriage with a celebrant ceremony! They got engaged in June, booked a venue in August and held their wedding in November…because when you’re ready to get married, nothing is going to stand in your way!

Chloe made so many personal touches herself, including all the flowers, which were absolutely stunning. With a laid-back yet organised approach, Chloe and Jack created a stunning day that just screamed their personalities!

Love at First Swipe

Chloe and Jack met online as teenagers before Tinder was a thing. Jack was on a golfing trip with his dad, but he spent most of his time chatting with Chloe for hours each day. Jack knew fairly quickly that it was love – he’d smile every text and feel happy every time they spoke, counting the hours until the next call or meeting. It was similar for Chloe. And today, they still call each other just to chat on their way home from work because they can’t wait to share about their day.

A Meeting of Minds and Hearts

When they met, it was like different world coming together, as their childhoods could not have been more different. Yet they clicked! 

One of the most exciting parts of their relationship has always been Jack’s appreciation for the seemingly small things that make Chloe feel excited and grateful. In short, he’s her favourite person, and she’s the only person with whom he wants to share his days. They take time to enjoy the simple pleasures and find joy in spending their evenings with a hot cup of tea in hand, lounging in front of the telly indulging in reruns of their two favourite comedy shows – Two Doors Down and Peter Kay’s shows are excellent choices.

A Solid Foundation for Forever

After spending years growing up together (often at a considerable distance), weathering various challenges, and supporting one another through their educational and creative endeavours, they bought their first home. Now, on the brink of a new chapter in their lives, they reflect on the ingredients for a successful relationship. They emphasise the importance of kindness, unconditional respect, and a strong sense of self-worth, which serve as the essential elements that make their relationship sing.

Celebrant Ceremony of Dreams

When I met with Chloe and Jack, they were clear that they wanted a very inclusive, warm and laid back ceremony. 

On the day Chloe was just about the most laid back bride I’ve ever encountered. Meanwhile, brave Jack was doing his best to calm his nerves – with a little pep talk from yours truly. 

Chloe was a vision in a stunning Molby dress-understated yet full of personality and very Chloe! She practically glided down the aisle on the arm of her proud Dad towards an emotional Jack! And I was totally there for the S Club 7 entrance music played on the harp! 

As well as incorporating readings and their own personal vows, we included a ring warming ceremony where the rings were passed around to all their family and friends to hold and share a silent word or intention to support Chloe and Jack in their marriage. They were aided by their ringbearer, their fabulous dog Nelly, and Chloe’s sister Grace as a ring security.

The ceremony was topped off with a Time Capsule. Chloe and Jack chose to commemorate their day in an uber-creative manner by filling a time capsule – freezing a perfect moment in time to cherish forever. How special is that? They created a beautiful personalised box stuffed with all the sweet advice cards that their guests wrote as they arrived for the ceremony, together with a top-secret love letter to one another, sprayed with a little of their favourite perfume (for Chloe, Chloe, which was the perfume she was wearing when they first met, and for Jack, Bleu de Chanel, evocative of his favourite scent). They also added a bottle of their favourite Roku Japanese gin. Their love letters were bursting with all the stuff that Chloe and Jack feel for each other – all the reasons they fell head over heels and decided to take the plunge into marriage.

By sealing the letters in their time capsule, Chloe and Jack set the stage for some serious nostalgia further down the road. You can picture them opening the capsule in the future, maybe in three years’ time on the 10th anniversary of their meeting. How’s that for a romantic blast from the past?! And the best part is that I encouraged them to do it all over again, adding fresh letters, reviewing their advice from family and friends, and adding a new bottle of the good stuff for the next big milestone because their love story is a lifelong adventure, and it’s only just getting started.

A Day to Remember

The ceremony was simply beautiful! And after sealing their vows with a kiss, guests gathered for a drink reception before we all sat down to delicious shared platters of food. I was fortunate enough to stay for the reception and enjoyed getting to know friends and loved ones…a really fun bunch before everyone danced the night away. 

Don’t buy into the idea that you need ages to plan a wedding. Chloe and Jack prove when you put your mind to it, you can make magic happen in no time! 

Chloe and Jack… It was such an honour to be a part of your day, and the memories will keep so many of us going for years to come.


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