Epic September Wedding!

I walked back to my car in the pitch black and sat in the car and had a big old ugly cry before driving home! All the emotion came out at once!

I’ve walked hand-in-hand with Justine + James as they have gone through all the ups and downs that couples have experienced over the last 18 months. And now we are through the other side and these two have just had the most beautiful, emotional, epic day surrounded by their family and friends.

When the world seems dark, a wedding is a reminder that love is really what makes the world go round! Yes it’s cliched, but really when we think about it what is it that makes us happy? If only we all paused for a moment and recognised what love really is. Maybe the world would be a brighter place if we all took time to cherish love more.

Today love was expressed through the pride of a father as he walked his daughter down the aisle to her groom, through the words of two beautiful readings eloquently read by dear friends, through the tears of a bride and groom as they exchanged rings and shared their vows, and through the eyes of a group of very playful nephews who clearly adore their Auntie Justine and Uncle James. It’s through the friendships of dear friends and family who travelled from all over the world to celebrate love! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room and it’s clear that Justine and James mean the world to all those gathered today.

Justine and James included sharing their love story, hopes and dreams for the future before sharing personal vows and exchanging rings.

This adventure loving pair also incorporated a Bucket List Ritual! As guests arrived for pre-ceremony drinks, I invited them to write something for the bucket list on a piece of card which then went into a bucket (a champagne bucket in this case!). Then, during the ceremony, I invited Justine and James to randomly pick out a few cards and read what folks suggested – which was VERY funny! We then had to guess who said what! It offered amusing moments in the the middle of an emotion filled ceremony! Later in the day, James shared a few more of the more ‘uncensored’ bucket list suggestions during his groom’s speech!

Bucket list
Epic September Wedding! 39

As I witnessed Justine and James share their personal vows I realised that the reason I do this work is because I believe in the power of love to heal, provide solace, and bring us home.

Team Penfold all the way!!

I should add that today bought together a dream team of suppliers to help Justine and James celebrate their marriage! Everyone bought their A game!

Venue – @highbillinghurstfarm

Catering – @caperandberry

Photographer – @photosfromsophie

Cake – @ginagrace.cakedesign

Bride’s Dress – @bridebyaster

Flowers – @sageandco.floraldesign

Music – @archivescoversband


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