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I just had a chat with a couple who are getting married in a couple of months. They had asked a friend with a background in the theatre to do their ceremony for them. However, they recently saw the first draft of the script and it wasn’t at all what they had expected. 

They were the first to admit that they thought their friend would deliver the same service as a celebrant minus the cost. And now they’ve decided to work with me instead! 

The fact is anyone can do your wedding ceremony (minus legals) for you. HOWEVER, only a professionally trained and mentored Celebrant can offer you the full package because:

📚We’ve been trained in how to consult with you, listen to your story and offer creative, unique and highly personalised ways to deliver the ceremony of your dreams. 

🧨A celebrant ceremony is far from a run of the mill ceremony you’ve seen countless times before. 

🖋️We bring world class creative writing skills.

👩‍🎨We bring imagination and creativity through specially designed symbolic elements. 

🧐We pay attention to detail such as specially designed vow booklets to match your colour scheme, a sexy tissue box (as one person described my tissue box recently!) and more. 

🎉We understand how to use the element of surprise!

😌We’re calm and level-headed under pressure because we’ve dealt with nerves, tears, tantrums and lots more over the years. 

❤️We bring years of experience having conducted hundreds of ceremonies.

🎬We know how to stage manage the logistics of the entire ceremony and bring everyone involved together to create something unique. 

Which would you choose friend or pro?

Photo by Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

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