Get To Know Me – My Values

When choosing suppliers (including Celebrants!) to help you bring your wedding to life, it’s really important to look for suppliers who align with your values because it makes for a stronger working relationship!

What are your values?

I value:

Joy – Joy, laughter and a sprinkle of colour make my world go around!
nclusivity – I value weddings that are for EVERYONE and give you freedom of choice!
Warmth – I’ll create a warm and safe space where you are free to be yourselves.
Authenticity – If we can’t be fully ourselves, how can we be at our best!
Fun – Life should be fun! I’ll inject some fun and WOW into your day!

As your Celebrant, I’ll share your story with empathy, grace and authenticity – with a dose of fun and laughter too!

Is this ‘floating your boat?’ Then let’s talk!

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