Words Matter

As a celebrant I am acutely aware of the meaning that every word I write, and how words communicate emotions such as joy, sorrow, love, and so much more. Creative writing doesn’t mean that you forget to use inclusive language that embraces everyone.

The words we use also help everyone in our midst on your special day to feel loved, cherished, and included.

I share this because I regularly have guests approach me after ceremonies to thank me for using words that are inclusive and help everyone to feel a special part of your day.

I may not always get it right but I try! 

Gone are the days of ‘ladies and gentlemen’. I prefer to use words such as ‘everyone’! Recently did a ceremony where more than half of the guests would not define themselves as a lady or a gentleman and it was very important to embrace everyone in terms that were meaningful to them. How refreshing! 

Checking your words doesn’t take much work and it is so meaningful to those present.

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