Celebrant Ceremony Chronicles: Lillie and Tim’s Autumnal Love Story

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Lillie and Tim’s enchanting autumnal celebrant ceremony unfolded at the beautiful Pythouse Kitchen Gardens near Shaftesbury in Dorset. Known for its garden-fresh cuisine, this hidden gem set the stage for a day filled with love, laughter, and culinary delights. 

Pythouse prides itself on producing food cultivated mostly from their own garden and the surrounding area. Never one to pass up some research, in preparation for the wedding, my husband and I had the delightful task of visiting the venue and sampling the exquisite dishes. Needless to say, we left with hearts full and taste buds delighted!

The One Where Cupid met her Oompa Loompa

Lillie and Tim’s story is as charming as it gets—Cupid met her own Oompa Loompa at a fancy dress party during their teenage years. The initial meeting sparked a connection that led them through 15 years of life together. From adopting beloved cats, Billy and Gretel, to exploring the world together, their journey exemplifies the essence of a deep, enduring connection.

After growing up together and weathering the various seasons of life, Lillie and Tim were ready for the next chapter of their adventure. The shared interests that brought them together, from great food and drink to a love for sports and quirky date nights, formed the foundation of a relationship that has stood the test of time.

A Love-Filled Autumnal Affair

Set amidst an orchard adorned with hues of autumn, Lillie and Tim’s ceremony unfolded with a palette of rusts and greens. An absolute goddess in stunning in a dress from Lucy Can’t Dance topped off by a gorgeous headdress by The Lucky Sixpence, Lillie practically glided down the aisle to Tim on the arms of her delighted parents!

The ceremony featured a handfasting ritual, personalised vows, and readings from loved ones, including Lillie’s grandmother and Tim’s mother. The inclusion of a bucket list ceremony added a unique and interactive touch to the proceedings.

The ceremony included music by The Distractions and a musical interlude, including Tim’s cousin singing a beautiful song. 

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A Future Filled with Adventures

The inclusion of a bucket list ceremony added a delightful interactive element to the celebration. As guests arrived, they were invited to contribute something to Lillie and Tim’s bucket list by writing it on a card. A bucket list is a collection of challenges and ideas for the couple to complete throughout their lives, ensuring that the spirit of fun and adventure will continue to thrive in their marriage.

Vows, Laughter, and Quirks

After we shared their love story and some bucket list ideas Lillie and Tim exchanged heartfelt vows, emphasising the importance of laughter, patience, and mutual respect in their relationship. Their decision to write their own vows added a personal touch to the ceremony, expressing their unique bond in words crafted from the heart. 

Unexpected Showers and Spontaneity

In a nod to ancient traditions, Lillie and Tim chose to symbolise their union through a handfasting ceremony. Three ribbons, each carrying unique significance, were laid across their hands. The green ribbon, placed by Lillie’s mom Jackie, represented growth and abundance; the brown ribbon, laid by Tim’s mom Ruth, symbolised grounding and tradition; and the orange ribbon, placed by Lillie’s sister Amelia, represented warmth, strength, and endurance. The intertwining of these ribbons symbolised the joining of their hearts and the infinity of their marriage.

As fate would have it, a downpour during the handfasting added an unexpected twist to the proceedings. However, with spontaneity and humour, we embraced the moment, creating memorable photographs and reinforcing the idea that love can weather any storm.

It’s often said that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck because it’s harder to untie a wet knot. For Lillie and Tim, this unexpected shower became a moment of spontaneity and joy. As the rain poured down, we quickly adapted the ceremony, creating a lighthearted and memorable experience for everyone involved before all running for cover!

A Tapestry of Love

The ceremony unfolded like a beautifully written novel, with chapters dedicated to their unique love story, a touch of whimsy with a bucket list, personalised vows, and a symbolic handfasting ritual that literally tied the knot! 

One of the things I LOVE about being a celebrant is the ability to craft ceremonies that are truly unique to each couple. No cookie cutter ceremonies here – just your unique story told it your unique way! 

After the ceremony I quietly slipped away leaving Lillie, Tim and their guests to enjoy a legendary Pythouse Garden feast before dancing the night away! The perfect day for the perfect couple!

Lillie and Tim’s Feedback

“We could not recommend Miranda more. We knew we wanted something different from the usual registrar route, someone that would bring pure joy to our day, and Miranda did that and more. From start to finish, Miranda was warm, kind, and professional. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and crafted it into the most beautiful and funny love story. She held our hand throughout the whole process, helping us to craft the perfect ceremony for us, helped us write our vows, plus so many other incredible wedding top tips!! On the day, Miranda was simply a joy. We could not have imagined a more perfect ceremony. Even when the heavens opened, Miranda was quick on her feet to pivot the plan and make sure we did what we wanted to do before we got soaked! Thank you for making our day perfect, Miranda!”

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