Personal touches for your wedding ceremony

Emma and Fabio completed the legal registration of their marriage in August 2020 but had to patiently wait two years to hold their celebrant wedding ceremony which took place on their recent second anniversary at Millbridge Court in Surrey.

Their celebrant ceremony incorporated lots of personal elements including a beautiful little cloche!

Ever the romantic, on their first wedding anniversary last year, Fabio presented Emma with the cloche complete with two origami elephants (Emma’s favourite animal). The paper was printed with the vows they shared at their legal registration. What a fantastic gift for a paper wedding anniversary!

Fast forward to this year and at their celebrant ceremony, Emma and Fabio decided they wanted to upgrade their wedding rings from the cheap Etsy ones they exchanged two years ago! However, their original rings were important as they had carried them from the past two years. During their ceremony they removed the rings and placed them under the cloche next to their elephants as a visual reminder of their marriage. They then exchanged new rings. 

Adding special personal touches to your ceremony is just one way to upgrade your wedding ceremony and make it truly memorable.

When you plan your ceremony, remember it doesn’t have to follow a set formula or be perfunctory. A good celebrant will work with you to develop elements that are highly personal, fun and touching.

I promise, my ceremonies leave people energised and inspired!

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