Proposal Stories

Who doesn’t love a juicy proposal story?! 

As a wedding celebrant I have the huge privilege of hearing every couple’s proposal story – or how they decided to walk down the aisle. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to share a few gems with you. Every story is precious and I’d love to share them all but here are just a couple for now. 


Mr Ash will roll his eyes at this, but I should mention that his proposal was possibly the most spur of the moment….driving home from work one evening, while stuck in traffic, he turned to me and asked…

“Shall we go ring shopping while we’re on holiday in Venice?”

I replied, “Is that a proposal?”

He answered, “I suppose so.” 

So romantic…not! 

In the end, we didn’t find a ring in Venice, and plumped for a simple and perfect ring from a local jewellers. He never got down on one knee…and my inner princess is still waiting some 20 years later!


Anand spent weeks looking for a ring and with the help of his friend Stacey he found it at Tiffany’s (not over breakfast!) – of course it HAD to be a Tiffany’s diamond for Tom. So, with ring in hand, Anand prepared to propose, at their new home, on Christmas Eve, with a young Albie the beagle chewing skirting boards in the background….

Calling all Love Actually fans!

There is an iconic scene in the film where one of the characters declares his love in silence – writing his declaration of love on big white cards on Christmas Eve. Knowing that Love Actually is Tom’s favourite film, Anand ‘actually’ proposed using big white cards with carols playing in the background. Of course, Tom burst into tears and blubbed a yes and they then spent a very special Christmas celebrating with family.


Ellie’s love of travel was infectious and after many holidays, she persuaded Hayden to take an epic 10-week trip around South America. Now, nowhere is more special to them than Isla del Sol in Bolivia where Hayden proposed, although Hayden often claims it was his least favourite place on their trip. Knowing that Ellie loves sunsets, Hayden had been trying to propose over several evenings but each time his plans were scuppered by the weather. He couldn’t leave the ring hidden much longer. Ellie had become suspicious of his nervousness around South American landmarks and long bathroom breaks where he was composing his engagement poem!

On their last morning on the island, Hayden woke Ellie up early to watch the sunrise. She immediately knew what he was up to as he doesn’t usually care about sunrises or sunsets! It was a magical proposal and of course Ellie said yes! It should be noted that technically, Hayden didn’t get down on one knee (preferring to make Ellie sit down next to him) something Ellie has never let him forget!

Popping the question comes in all shapes and sizes – every story is unique and special to that couple. I can’t wait to share more proposal stories at weddings this year! 

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