Steph and Chris’ Unforgettable Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Picture this: a unique wedding affair that goes beyond the traditional, infused with the warmth of a celebrant ceremony. This is the heartwarming journey of Steph and Chris, a couple whose love story unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of the Welsh foothills in Herefordshire in April. 

Unveiling a Celebrant Wedding: A Chance Encounter at a Wedding Fair

It all began with a chance encounter at a local wedding fair near our homes in Hampshire, where Steph and Chris stumbled upon the concept of a celebrant wedding. Intrigued and excited, they embarked on a journey that led them to the stunning Broadfield Court, a picturesque country house nestled in the heart of Herefordshire.

Broadfield Court: An Exquisite Backdrop for Love

Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Broadfield Court in Herefordshire. They found the venue while searching for a place for a family reunion some years ago. Broadfield is an exclusive venue – a beautiful country house with extensive gardens that can be rented for the weekend or longer. Capable of sleeping 20+ people, it was the perfect place for Steph, and Chris to celebrate their marriage. A family run business, the owners have poured their heart and soul into creating a country house that feels all yours and has some quirky elements coupled with a cosiness that made me want to move in! Open fires, a man cave, beautiful bedrooms and a feeling of history.

Curating the Perfect Spring Wedding: A Dance of Love, Laughter, and Cocktails

Steph and Chris carefully curated all their wedding suppliers, most of whom travelled up from Hampshire for the weekend. Together, we were like one big, happy family! I loved working with them to create a magical ceremony and orchestrate the overall arc of their day. We gathered the day before the wedding to scope out the venue, plan photographs, put their ceremony together, and even make cocktails for their ceremony – yes, you can blend a cocktail in your wedding ceremony!

A Wooded Glade and Vows of Love: The Personal Touch of a Celebrant Ceremony

The ceremony took place in a wooded glade, covered with trees and the last vestiges of the spring daffodils. Steph looked a vision in white as she practically glided down the aisle on the arm of her wonderfully emotional dad! (Lots of tissues were needed to mop tears in this wedding!) Chris, his best man, and ushers looked very dapper in tweed suits too!

Steph and Chris are an adventurous couple who approach everything with a playful spirit, whether it’s buying a house or chasing their dream of seeing legendary rock and roll icons. Their shared passion for life is evident in everything they do. Despite their unique interests—Chris’s love for motorbikes and Steph’s fascination with Christmas—their mutual support and affection for each other are unwavering. Their love story, marked by Steph’s accidental ‘I love you’ confession and Chris’s thoughtful response with a matching bouquet, is a testament to their genuine connection.

Their ceremony began with a reading from Chris’ fabulous sister before I shared a little of their love story. Guests were also invited to participate in a Ring Warming, which was a beautiful moment for everyone to hold the rings and share a silent word or intention to support Steph and Chris in their marriage. Steph and Chris then shared their beautiful personal vows that they had kept as a surprise for each other until the ceremony. It’s elements like this that truly set a celebrant wedding apart from the rest.

In a toast to love, Steph and Chris ended their ceremony by blending their signature cocktail using local gin from Hampshire. Elements reminded us of the spice of marriage (and a nod to Steph’s surname), coupled with rough and smooth moments. 

From ‘Be Our Guest’ to ‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’: Partying the Night Away

After the obligatory confetti shot, guests were treated to drinks in the garden where a variety of lawn games had been set out, as well as lots of beanbags for people to relax while being entertained to the dulcet tones of James and the Giant Beat. A little while later, Steph, and Chris practically danced into their wedding reception to a rendition of “Be Our Guest” before a crazy run around to every single table for a quick picture in the space of two or three minutes, all to the tune of the Benny Hill song! You had to be there to see it!

Before settling down for dinner, we were entertained by a variety of heartwarming and amusing speeches. Dinner was good old pie and chips, followed by family-style puddings… You had me at sticky toffee! Everyone had such a great time and relaxed together. Even Chester, Steph, and Chris’s lovely dog had his own dinner at the top table! Later on, a beautiful wedding cake, created by a friend, was wheeled out before Steph and Chris had their first dance. Being huge fans of dancing, particularly Steph, who regularly participates in dance classes, they jived to Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares for Me.” It was fantastic!

We danced the night away to a live band in the marquee, and for those of us who hung around outside, there were firebowls and benches to cosy up on and enjoy the Spring night sky. 

A Family Affair: How Steph, Chris, and Their Loved Ones Crafted a Day to Remember

It was just the perfect day, and Steph and Chris certainly did their day their way. They created everything themselves with the help of their family and friends. Such a lovely, lovely bunch of people, and I felt so privileged to be a part of their family and friends for the weekend.

If you’re seeking some inspiration for your own special day or simply want to bask in the beauty of love, do take a moment to explore the breathtaking photographs captured by Steve and Allan. Trust me; they’re a testament to the magic of love, laughter, and celebration that unfolded that day.

Lastly: A Testimony to the Value of a Celebrant Ceremony!

“There are not enough wonderful words in the world to describe Miranda herself and the work that she does. We met Miranda at a wedding fair and we knew nothing of Celebrants and the personalisation that they can bring but we thought we’d ask anyway and thank goodness we did. We just felt so comfortable around her and knew instantly that we wanted her involved. Miranda brought friendship, advice, professionalism, ideas, creativity, support and that was all outside of her actually writing and performing our ceremony. We cannot thank Miranda enough for the difference she made to our lives and our special wedding celebration. We thoroughly recommend getting in touch!”


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