The Element of Surprise

Do you love surprises? Yes, then read on because the element of surprise could be a pivotal part of your wedding ceremony!

I love to weave the element of surprise into my wedding ceremonies whether it’s a funny anecdote or story you’ve shared with me from your couple’s quizzes or sharing surprise personal vows with each other.

There are many ways to surprise and delight each other and your guests during your ceremony.

The Bucket List! Photo by Photos From Sophie

At Justine and James’ wedding we created a Bucket List ritual. As guests arrived for the wedding they were invited to write something to be included on the their Bucket List.

These were then put into a bucket…appropriately a champagne bucket. During the ceremony I invited Justine and James to pick out some of the suggestion cards at random and read them out to the audience.

It was a great moment as they were surprised by a lot of the suggestions and then had fun trying to work out who wrote what!

It’s also great to spring some well-meaning surprises on your guests too! 

Last year another couple surprised their family and friends with their pregnancy announcement written in to their vows!!! The cheers, clapping and tears could be heard on the other side of the valley! 

At a recent wedding I arranged to hide the wedding rings underneath the chair of an unsuspecting guest. When it came to the ring exchange, I invited everyone to feel under their chair. The person who found found the rings became the surprise ring-bearer for the ceremony! It created a very funny and heartwarming moment as they realised that they would play a pivotal role in the ceremony of their dear friends!

I’ve even had guests contact me to set up a surprise during a ceremony! If I think it will work then we’ll do it! At Tom and Anand’s wedding a group of friends surprised them with a Bollywood dance at the end of their ceremony…made even funnier when one of the dancers ripped their trousers open during a dance move! Oops!

Your ceremony can be anything you want it to be but whatever you do… Make it memorable, make it fun, and make it touching.

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