Emma + Fabio’s gorgeous wedding ceremony at Millbridge Court last Summer included several symbolic elements culminating with a Wine Blending Ceremony. 

Inspired by the richness of red wine we used this idea to symbolise the blending of their family and how the sweet and sour elements change over time – just like life. 

Emma + Fabio poured individual carafe’s of wine into one large vessel which was then poured into a glass which they both shared. The same wine was served during their wedding meal later that day. 


After taking a few sips of wine, we placed another bottle of the wine into a wooden box, together with their vow booklets and a love letter to each other. Every year, on their wedding anniversary, Emma + Fabio will open the box, read their vows and letters to each other while enjoying the bottle of wine. They they will place another bottle of wine and love letters to each other in the box. Over time they will be able to look back and see how their love has matured – just like a fine red wine! 

Photos by Emmie Scott Photography

Venue Millbridge Court

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