Thirsting For Adventure – The Bucket List Ceremony!

Photos by Photos from Sophie

There are so many ways to personalise and amp up the fun for your wedding ceremony-the sky’s the limit! When adventure loving J&J got married they wanted to give a nod to their spirit of adventure as well as include their guests in something fun! Queue the Bucket List Ceremony! A Bucket List is a list of goals, adventures, activities to complete during your lifetime.

At the pre-ceremony drinks reception I invited guests to write their suggestions for J&J’s Bucket List on a piece of card which was then dropped into a champagne bucket. Then, during the ceremony, J&J picked a few cards out at random and read out the bucket list suggestions! 

Suggestions included- 

* Finish Stag weekend challenges!

* Skydiving

* Dream date nights

…and lots more (including a few a little too blue to share here!) 

It created a point of humour as we tried to guess who said what! The fun carried through into the reception when our fabulous groom included some of the more ‘interesting’ suggestions in his speech!

After the wedding I encourage couples to put the handwritten cards in an album or frame them as a memento of the day.

Now J&J have a fun list of things to spend their years together completing! 

Photo by @photosfromsophie

Venue @highbillinghurstfarm

Flowers @sageandco.floraldesign

Bride Dress @bridebyaster 

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