What’s Tina Turner Got To Do With It?

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What’s Tina got to do with it you may ask?! Read on!

This week I’ve been in lots of meetings with couples getting married later this year, and there has been a common thread through all the conversations I’ve had…authenticity and creating ceremonies that are unapologetically you! 

As I sit here this morning reflecting on the life of the late, great, Tina Turner, who passed away yesterday, I find myself inspired by the spirit of authenticity that she modelled so well for all. If ever, there was a person who was unapologetically herself, it was Tina Turner!

(Sidenote – I’ve included Tina’s songs in lots of weddings that I’ve done over the years! Yes, I’m a bit of a fan!)

When it comes to your wedding my mantra is YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY! You do you and you can’t go wrong. 

Recently I was chatting with a couple who felt the weight of opinions from family about how they should celebrate their marriage. Others opinions were weighing so heavily on them that it clouded their enjoyment of the whole run up to their big day. I encouraged them to stand their ground and help their family to understand that they want to celebrate their marriage in a way that is authentic and true to who they are as individuals and as a couple

Tina Turner inspired me in lots of ways, but most of all she taught me the importance of being unapologetically yourself. If you’re not – you’re likely to feel uncomfortable, on edge and not enjoy life! The same goes for your wedding day.

Be yourselves and screw the rest!

Be more like Tina!

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