A Musical Interlude – Your Wedding Music

I’ve always been deeply inspired by how music has the power to evoke memories, emotion, and so much more.

I love familiarising myself with my couple’s wedding music choices not only for their wedding ceremony, but for their whole day, so that I can get in the mood and be inspired by their musical tastes while I write your ceremony.

Yesterday morning, Beyonce’s Love On Top blasted through my car speakers and totally set the tone for a fantastic day. By the time I arrived at my destination, I was ready to rock!

Love On Top also takes me back to Tom and Anand’s fabulous day. The upbeat tone and lyrics got everyone on their feet cheering for this wonderful couple. So now, whenever the song pops up on my playlist I’m transported back to that mesmerising moment.

Take your time choosing your music for your wedding day. It has the power to transform your day and evoke beautiful memories for you and your guests.

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